drasyl is a high-performance framework for rapid development of distributed applications

About drasyl

drasyl enables quick and easy development of high-performance distributed applications. Driven by a secure and low-latency overlay network protocol, drasyl provides any-to-any connectivity between all Internet-enabled devices.

To prevent developers from reinventing the wheel, drasyl provides extensions that address common challenges for distributed systems like identity/key management, resource discovery, and locality-aware message routing. By using drasyl, developers are unburdened of many usual tasks and can proceed directly with building their distributed application.

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  • Any-to-any connectivity between all Internet-enabled devices.
  • Locality-aware message routing.
  • Middlebox traversal (like firewalls or network address translators).
  • Driven by a secure & low-latency overlay network protocol.
  • Cryptographic identity & key management.
  • Rich set of extensions for perfect forward secrecy communication, service & resource discovery, reliable transport, error control, traffic shaping, etc.


drasyl is used in a number of research projects, where it is in charge of secure and pervasive communication.


Distributed best-effort computation offloading in heterogeneous environments.

Smart Networks for Urban Participation

Open, citizen-centric, scalable, and privacy-preserving smart city platform.

Attribute-Based SkipNet

Enhanced SkipNet overlay supporting attributed-based search and range queries.


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drasyl is being developed by researchers and students of the Universität Hamburg as part of research projects and lectures.

Heiko Bornholdt

Research Assistant

Kevin Röbert

Research Assistant