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To date, we have always referred to javadoc.io, when someone has asked us for a Javadoc of drasyl. While javadoc.io is an excellent service, we ran into some limitations: javadoc.io splits the documentation for each module. Since more and more Maven modules are added to drasyl, the documentation has become more and more obscure. From now on, we provide a combined Javadoc at https://api.drasyl.org/.

While https://api.drasyl.org/ provides the Javadoc for the latest release, you can also go directly to a version-specific Javadoc:

  • For releases (like version 0.3), you just have to visit https://api.drasyl.org/v0.3.
  • For the current master branch, you have to visit https://api.drasyl.org/master.

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