Outdoor Navigation for Wheelchair Users

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woman in wheelchair

Today’s post is about the just finished master project lecture about smart cities at Universität Hamburg. The project’s goal was the prototypical implementation of a navigation solution for wheelchair users. For this purpose, a suitable route was selected with a wheelchair-friendly surface. The data required for navigation is automatically collected by a sensor box that can be attached to wheelchairs. This data is exchanged from wheelchair user to wheelchair user with the help of drasyl.

Distributed Key-Value Stores Built with drasyl

On in Teaching, Use Case · One min read

macbook pro displaying group of people

This post presents another use case of drasyl: During an eight-day block course at the university, a total of five student groups designed and prototyped key-value stores. In the process, drasyl was used for communication so that the students could fully concentrate on implementing the business logic of the key-value store.

drasyl 0.1.0 released - The Journey Begins!

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Highway 212 forest road

Today, we are excited to announce the very first release of drasyl 0.1.0. drasyl is an open-source, general-purpose overlay network that is concurrent, resilient, flexible, and automated. It presents itself to the user as a transparent system that offers suitable discovery and awareness methods, mainly focusing on smart city and IoT devices. Nevertheless, drasyl is not limited to smart city and IoT but is intended for universal use in all decentralized Java-based projects.